Bonus mom, do you need a residence card for foreign women?

Bonus mom, do you need a residence card for foreign women?

Rome – March 23, 2017 – This year the government introduced the so-called Bonus Mom – a prize of 800 euros for each child born or adopted in the current year. Even foreign moms can ask for it?

This award does not contribute to the generation of the family’s total income, and is paid by INPS in a single solution, at the request of the future mother, at the end of the seventh month of pregnancy or at the time of adoption.

INPS with Circular N.39 / 2017 of 27 February states that the Mama bonus can only be granted for one of the following events since 1 January 2017:
– completion of the 7th month of pregnancy;
– I leave, although before the beginning of the 8th month of pregnancy;
– Adoption of the minor, national or international, with a judgment which has become final in accordance with Law no. 184/1983;
– national pre-emptive affiliation provided by order pursuant to art. 22, paragraph 6, of Law 184/1983 or the pre-emptive international trust pursuant to art. 34 of Law 184/1983.

A lot of our readers ask us what are the general requirements and if even foreign mothers can ask for the bonus mom.

In the N.39 / 2017 Circular on February 27, INPS states that the birth rate is recognized for pregnant women or mothers who have:
– residence in Italy;
– Italian or Community citizenship; Non-EU nationals holding political refugee status and subsidiary protection are equated to Italian citizens by virtue of art. 27 of Legislative Decree no. 251/2007;

The same circular also states that for non-EU citizens, it is necessary to hold an EU residence permit for long-term residents, or one of the residence cards for family members of EU citizens as provided for in Art. 10 and 17 of Legislative Decree no. 30/2007.

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