Asylum seekers, Inca: “Too many problems with the provisional tax code”

Rome – December 13, 2016 – Thousands of refugees can not work legally or access to social services. Not because they do not have the right, but because they have a temporary tax code that does not work.

The Inca Cgil, in a letter sent today to the Revenue Agency and INPS, complaint the great inconvenience and inconsistencies related to the code consists of only numbers that since last year is awarded to those who ask for asylum in Italy, until ‘ acceptance or rejection of the application. A subject on which a few weeks ago had been felt even ten associations that deal with refugees.

The patronage of the CGIL points the finger mainly against the waiting time to transform the provisional tax code (numeric) permanently (alphanumeric) and against the software, not communicating with each other, inducing INPS to reject performance applications for recognition refugee welfare.

“The new practice – writes the Inca – provides for the transformation of the numerical provisional tax code permanently alphanumeric (such as the one in possession of all Italians) can only take place in case of determination in favor by the Territorial Commission for international protection, that is, to say after many months, often more than a year, since the submission of the application for protection. The situation is then even more serious cases, fairly frequent, where the recognition of the right to international protection occurs only in court, then at a distance of at least two or three years from the time of the formalization of the request “.

Long time and unjustified, he points out the patronage, especially considering the fact that today a foreigner residing abroad can go to an Italian consulate and ask if he needs it, the alphanumeric tax code. Is released, for example, dependent children that immigrants have left their country of origin and why they should tax deductions when doing your tax return.

For the Incas, considering the right of refugees to obtain equal status in access to welfare services and at work, recognized by national and international regulations, the procedure should be reviewed. You should use a permission provisional only in the verbalization of the asylum application and the issuing of a residence permit, with which it should reach the final alphanumeric code. Or, it is the other proposal of patronage, should be adapted computer programs and modules to allow even those who have only the temporary tax code to access benefits and INPS services.

In notify its willingness to find common solutions, the Inca warns that “in case of non-timely and full response on these points, will be exhausted the remedies of law, including the initiation of legal proceedings which will be deemed appropriate”.

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